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The 2024 VX Cruiser HO (High Output), Yamaha’s number one selling personal watercraft globally, now comes with Yamaha’s all-new 1.9 Litre High Output marine engine, combining with cutting edge technologies and features, to deliver an extremely versatile and affordable package.

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The 2024 VX Cruiser HO (High Output), Yamaha’s number one selling personal watercraft globally, now comes with Yamaha’s all-new 1.9 Litre High Output marine engine, combining with cutting edge technologies and features, to deliver an extremely versatile and affordable package. This new engine, replaces the former 1.8 Litre High Output marine engine, with the larger capacity delivering quicker and smoother acceleration and higher top-end speed. The VX Cruiser HO comes with a theatre-style bolstered seat for ultimate riding comfort for up to three people, as well as 2 pull-up cleats for easy tie ups to docks and other watercraft. Above the water line the VX deck delivers excellent rider ergonomics and comfort with deep and wide, self-draining footwells and a narrow seat profile. The dashboard comes with a 4.3” Connext LCD display with customisable speed and PIN security controls, a multi-mount system for attaching your favourite digital accessories, a user-friendly and water-resistant storage space for packing all your gear and a feature packed glove box with charging ports and LED lighting. Like all VX Series WaveRunners, this craft is compatible with Yamaha’s exclusive RecDeck platform, allowing you to connect various JetFish and lounge accessory packages, for more on-water action and versatility. If you are looking for an extreme power and heaps of features in a mid-sized personal watercraft package, then the VX Cruiser HO is the WaveRunner for you. Whether you’re piercing through the waves or gently cruising across the bay, the latest VX Cruiser HO is the very top of the VX range with the most powerful engine of the family. New, enhanced graphics and details streamline the sporty silhouette. Four cylinders and 1.9 litres of High Output, for the purest excitement, are combined with exceptional cruising luxury for those for whom compromise is not an option.
Life’s no popularity contest, but when it comes to WaveRunners, it’s worth taking note. Versatility tops the charts of the many factors that make the VX models our most sought-after personal watercraft. An impressive performance repertoire that takes you from the adrenaline-pumping excitement of water sports to the relaxing world of waterway cruising inspires enduring loyalty. Live life to the max. The latest VX Cruiser HO is a stand-out premium watercraft, delivering a potent blend of high-performance excitement, precision handling, riding comfort and outright style. Now with a lightweight NanoXcel2® deck, the VX Cruiser HO is a sure bet for the ultimate cruising experience.

1.9L Naturally Aspirated High Output Engine

This new 1898cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, 16-valve High Output Yamaha marine engine and 155mm high-pressure jet pump, replaces the 1812cc High Output motor that powered the previous year’s HO model. This more powerful engine provides quicker and smoother acceleration and a higher top-end speed.






Theatre Style Cruiser Seat

The luxury, theatre-style seat is designed to provide plush accommodations for all-day riding, for up to three persons. The narrower seat profile is ergonomically designed, textured and bolstered for improved grip and comfort. Separation of the front and rear sections makes maintenance and access to under-seat storage easy. Overseas model colour shown.





2 Handy Pull-Up Cleats

Two pull-up cleats are located on either side of the craft, making it easy to secure the craft to docks, pontoons or other water vessels.







Connext® Helm Control

The VX Series, features modern dash instrumentation including Yamaha Connext Helm Control with a multi-colour LCD display. A touchpad control that is mounted next to the steering column provides convenient access to the Connext many functions. These include a PIN code security system that eliminates the need for an external remote fob, and DRIVE Control that allows you to set top speeds at different increments along with other speed settings.






Hull and Deck

The deck design delivers improved ergonomics with deeper, wider, self-draining footwells and a seat profile that is 4 centimetres narrower than previous models. This seat design improves knee grip and overall comfort, especially for smaller size riders.







Multi-Mount System

The multi-mount system makes it easy to affix your favourite digital accessories, such as phone, action camera, GPS, fish finder or speakers. Mounts sold separately. Overseas colour model shown.






Race Performance

The race designed intake grate and jet pump allows less turbulent water to flow through the jet pump. The result is better acceleration and less cavitation in choppy water conditions.






Large Storage Capacity

The VX comes with heaps of storage including a large bow storage compartment with space for a dedicated cooler bag, a watertight glove box and water resistant storage under the seat.







Feature Packed Glove Box

The large VX glove box provides16.5 litres of useable storage, it also includes a dedicated area for your phone, dedicated USB and 12V power outlets and blue LED illumination to make finding your personal belongings easier.







Lightweight NanoXcel Material

Yamaha’s NanoXcel® lightweight material reduces the weight of the hull, deck and liner by 25%, delivering improved acceleration, fuel economy, top-end speed and handling. The gem-like finish reduces surface tension on the water, for a more agile and responsive ride.







Self Draining Footwells

The self-draining footwells prevent water pooling, including while in storage.







Large Rear Platform

Roomy and comfortable, the large rear platform is the ideal place for soaking up the surroundings, getting in and out of the water or simply doing nothing at all. The decking platform is fitted with Hydro-Turf mats for optimum looks, grip and comfort.







Reboarding Step

The VX Cruiser HO includes twin reboarding handles and an extra-deep ergonomically designed soft-touch reboarding step, making climbing back on board extra easy and safe.







Cruise Assist / No Wake Mode

Find the perfect towing speed and easily navigate “no wake” zones. *Prior year colour shown.







RiDE Dual Control System

Yamaha patented RiDE is the world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system, that makes handling easy, fun and intuitive. Pull the right lever to accelerate and the left lever to decelerate and for reverse. Release both levers, or in any combination, and the system reacts with precise control.







70 Litre Fuel Capacity

Packed with 70 litres of fuel capacity, the VX WaveRunner series mean business. A big fuel tank capacity and exceptional efficiency means you spend less time filling up and more time out on the water.






Tow Hook

For additional on-water thrills and spills, the GP 19HO comes with a strong tow hook which allows the secure towing of inflatable tubes, wake boarders or skiers.







Integrated Dual Mirrors

Incorporating Yamaha’s trademark compact and edgy design styling, the integrated mirrors not only look good but aid rider visual awareness and overall safety.






Open Loop Cooling System

All Yamaha WaveRunners utilise open loop cooling, which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers. Open loop systems have been proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means lower cost of ownership and less time off the water.




Engine and dimensions:
  • Engine Type: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.9L High Output Yamaha Marine Engine
  • Displacement (cc): 1898
  • Pressure Pump: 155mm High-Pressure Axial Flow
  • Bore x Stroke (mm): 86 x 78
  • Compression Ratio: 11.0 : 1
  • Lubrication System: Dry Sump
  • Fuel Management: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l): 70.0
  • Storage Capacity (l): 114
  • Length (mm): 3370
  • Width (mm): 1240
  • Height (mm): 1200
  • Dry Weight (kg): 354

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