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The natural environment of Belassi personal watercraft is the ridable water in all its forms. Especially the challenge of the waves became the main concept and inspiration of the naming for Burrasca, which is the Italian name for Storm – the expression of an indomitable force of nature that conveys emotions and deep thoughts.

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Belassi Burrasca

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Aggressive, tough, self-confident, elegant, unique in its style, Burrasca is the result of research and attention to details, to provide high performance and excitement while riding it.

To put together over 2000 pieces which our Burrasca is made of, needs a lot of passion and creativity. Just like Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Art should walk alongside the Science”, hence, in Belassi, all our units are still hand-assembled one by one, but with the support of the latest technology and expertise.
When a Burrasca is delivered, it’s not just a sold product, it feels like giving birth to something that will give emotions to the 5 senses of the owner.
Our customers feel the power in their hands, hear the roar while they are riding the waves, and enjoy the beautiful design with their eyes.



Technical Specifications Burrasca

Technical Specifications Burrasca
ENGINE -> I3C16 | Marine 3 cylinder | 4 stroke
INTAKE SYSTEM -> Turbocharged with watercooled intercooler. Multi-point fuel injection.
COOLING SYSTEM -> Open loop cooling system. Open loop cooling for intercooler and exhaust injection cooling
RIDER CAPACITY -> 2 persons
DIMENSIONS -> Lenght = 364 cm | Width = 119 cm | Height = 116 cm

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